My DIY Earing Stand

So, I can only imagine that every girl out there has an issue with jewelry storage, especially earrings! There are always the jewelry chest but I personally don't like those because you can't see everything that you have. I have looked at several "trees" but have never found one that would be big enough for all of my earrings. I would have to buy like ten of them!

I got this idea from my sister. She made something similar but smaller to hold her daughter's hair bows...which is also a great idea! It was soo easy to make this stand.

I started with an old picture frame that was in the closet serving no purpose because the hooks on the back are the worst things to try and hang on a wall. I saved it knowing I would find a purpose for it someday....so glad I did that! I used scrapbook paper and twine from Hobby Lobby that cost less than $5! What a deal!!!

I cut the twine long enough to go around the back so I could hot glue it. I had to hold it in place for a minute to let the glue dry enough that I could pull the other side around to glue. I had to make sure it would be tight so the earring would hang in a straight line and not droop down to the next row. I put the paper under the glass and then glued the twine on top of the glass. It looks better and it also hides the seem in the paper.

I tried to put as many rows as I could, I left a row or two with more space in between to leave room for the longer earrings that I have. Once all the rows were glued in place I put the frame back on the and it was ready to hang earrings!

I love the way it turned out! I already have it packed full of earrings. I think I am going to need to make another one soon!


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