Our School Room

As most of you already know, we (I) home school our children. This is the second year for us. Luke did K-4 last year. This year we have two officially (and one unofficially) in school. Luke is in kindergarten and Mac is in K-4. Last year was hard between my health issues and doing the schoolwork at the dining table. I hated having school stuff hanging on the wall or side of the fridge. For this school year, I moved Rhiannon into the boys room. We use her room now as the school room. This has worked out so much better for us. It has made a tremendous difference for us. Yes, the bedroom is tight with four kids in it, but they are rarely in it. The school room is used for school and play. They are constantly sitting at the table coloring or using their books. I think they love it almost as much as I do. I wanted to use a gray chevron as the "theme". I could not find gray chevron paper anywhere in town. So, I went with Simple Stories SN@P! Color Fusion paper pad. It at least has gray chevron in it. I enjoyed redecorating the to use as a school / play room. There are still a few things that I need to finish. The fabric stools need to be recovered when I find material. I still haven't decided about curtains. I may use blinds instead. I also want to make two cushions to go on the benches under the window. Eventually, I will replace the baskets with toys in them to match better.


We use the bulletin board to hang every body's papers for the week. They like showing their Dad their papers every night when he gets home. I used two rolls of cork from the organizing section at Lowe's. I just realized that it looks lumpy in the picture. It doesn't look like that in person.

(I promise I am working on my picture taking skills. In my defense, I'm pretty sure I have the worst camera on the market.)
This is our school room. The room where we now spend a good portion of our day.


Mac turned 4

Mac is 4. Time is flying by with the kiddo's. Mac is the funny one in our house. He is always making weird noises and talking in different voices. He can take a beating from his big brother and give a beating when he wants to. He's also the most loving out of all the kids. Someone (who shall remain nameless) threw our camera into the mop bucket. That was a sad day especially when we realized how many pictures we lost. Pictures of his actual birthday were lost. Here's a couple recently of our Mac.
Mac and Jax last week. Our boys always have a stick in their hand.

Celebrating fall Alaskan style. Attempting to make a snowman.

At my sister's wedding. They don't really like to officially "pose" for pictures.



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