DIY Dessert Trays

The other day I was running on the treadmill downstairs and was a little bit bored. I have a small tv down there just for this purpose but that was boring me as well:) I started scanning over my little craft table at everything that had been collecting there and noticed these two things.....

And then I remembered this post that Christine had done a few weeks ago. Suddenly I wasn't so bored because I was planning my next project!

The stands were originally candle holders with glass globes on top, which I never used anywhere ( they were a gift quite a while ago ) and the plates I had picked up at Hobby Lobby a while back for .60 cents each. The one on the right I had painted and never used so things were just piled on top. So I scrubbed them down and attached the stand to the plate with some glue...I almost glued my fingers together in the process, for about 2 seconds I was pretty nervous but was able to get them apart :).

Once the glue was dry I painted them with some soft white gloss spray paint that I had on hand. I love the detail on the plates.

And I love that I had to plates and the different size stands so that I could have a pair. 

My little darling enjoyed them too. 

Are you working on any projects right now? I would love to hear about them!

Mary Elizabeth


Friday's Treat

Blueberry Crumb Cake

It is blueberry season here in northern Indiana so I had to make something this month with blueberries:) Blueberries are absolutely one of my favorite foods to eat. I could eat them ALL day long.....and I am passing that on to my daughter, she can't get enough! We actually went "picking" this morning and I will tell you, the only thing harder to do than trying to fill your bucket while eating the berries is having two people eating the berries...haha....I didn't think we were ever going to start filling up the bucket!!

This recipe is from the Pioneer Woman and you can find the recipe here. She does such an amazing job with the pictures. I'm lucky if I remember to take a picture when it is all done let alone the step by step shots.


 I hope you try it. It is soo good, and perfect with your coffee in the morning:)

Have a great weekend!!

Mary Elizabeth


The Boy's Bedroom

I have wanted to change out the light fixture in the boy's bedroom for awhile. I wanted to use a drum shade light fixture, but hadn't been able to find one in town. Anchorage doesn't really stay abreast of the fashion trends. I had looked on online, but wasn't able to find one that would ship to Alaska.  So, I decided to make my own. I spray painted a white drum lampshade, Valspar Satin Indigo Streamer,and added two rows of brown ribbon to the top. Then I used floral wire to hang it to the existing light bulb outlet (I have no idea what the correct term is for that). Having used it now for a week or so, I like it.

Sorry that the pictures aren't that good. It's been raining and cloudy for the last couple of days. After taking pictures a couple of different times, these were the best I could get. There will be more changes in the fall. I am looking at different bed options. We will need three beds in there now. My husband wants bunk beds, I do not. I can foresee someone falling off the top and breaking a arm, with my kids. I also HATE making bunk beds and they are still to little to make their own beds. So, we will see what we end up with in this room.



Friday's Treat

Chocolate Dipped Fudge Brownies

These little treats are just darling. They are going to be my new favorite thing to make for party's, get-together's and whatever else may come along:) So simple to make and soooo adorable! I got the idea for them from Sweetapolita ( have I told you about this website? check it out...she does amazing things with cakes/cupcakes/desserts. I love it ). I made mine bite sized and did some mini chocolate chips, sprinkles and then a few in white chocolate. I used the fudge brownie recipe that I always use, you have to try it, it really is the best! ( recipe follows )

I cut the brownies into bite sized squares and then pulled them apart and put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes so they would be firm when dipping them in the chocolate.....they will be falling apart during the dipping process if they aren't firm!

I took a cake tester and stuck a brownie on the end

then rolled it in the chocolate

this picture is kinda blurry but I wanted to show you that I left some of the side without chocolate so it would be easier to push off the stick. Most of it got covered anyways while they were sitting on the wax paper from the chocolate falling over the sides

added some sprinkles

 some mini chocolate chips

then got these little cuties:) Seriously, aren't they adorable?!! The white chocolate ones I left the whole side uncovered and didn't add any toppings because I like the contrast mixed in with the others:)...haha, hows that for a description!!


Mary Elizabeth

Fudge Brownies

1 1/4c butter, soft
4c sugar
Beat this in the mixer until fluffy then add
8 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
Beat again until light and fluffy, add
2 c flour
1 1/4c cocoa
1 tsp salt
2 c nuts ( I don't like nuts so I never add these )
Mix until well combined. Bake at 350 for 40 min.
note: I like my brownies chewy rather than cakey so I only baked them for 27 min. Odd number I know but they come out perfectly chewy:)


Family Visit to Georgia

Every year for the Fourth we are able to visit my sister, Rhiannon, in SE Georgia. This time it was especially exciting because she was going to be the first one of my family to meet my little girl....who, by the way was a TROOPER when it came to the 14hr car ride:) 

Lyla on the trip down
Claira and Will
My nieces and nephew are just too cute...and sooo much fun! Claira ( the oldest ) has such an amazing personality:) She made me laugh so much while we were there. And little Will is such a stud:) Charlotte is so precious and such a little joy!

Lyla enjoyed the pool. This was one of the first days we were there, by the end of the week I'm pretty sure she wanted me to let her go! Splashing and kicking like crazy:)

 Our visit wouldn't be complete without a trip to Chick-Fil-A ( sorry Chris )
Although I think Ben and Lyla could have done without it because we ended up being there for about an hour and a half at least....hahaha...the looks on their faces say it all!!

seriously, we aren't done yet?
The babies really enjoyed each other. They got to play together quite a bit. I could write at least 2-3 more post just on the pictures I have of them playing together!!

the babies, we live 14hrs apart but still manage to buy the same things!

The Fireworks
We always go to St. Simons Island for fireworks and this year was no different, except we had to carry a lot more "stuff" than in previous years:) Good thing Rhiannon had the double stroller!!

Ben manning the stroller

Rhiannon and Grant

Lyla was mesmerized by all the activity going on around her....there were so many first for her on this trip. It was so much fun for me to watch her soak it all up!

Lyla and I waiting for the action to start

Will does not enjoy fireworks so he was getting ready with his earplugs, poor little guy!

Uncle Ben got fudge 

Charlotte didn't know what was going on...haha

Family photo during the fireworks. I don't know if Lyla liked them or not. As long as I kept her ears covered  she would watch them but jump and grab for me every time one went off:)

sisters and cousins
Rhiannon and I with our little girls at Grant's birthday party

Lyla loved Will

We had such a good time together and I just loved watching my little darling play with her cousins! It was an amazing feeling to watch that.

We can't wait to see them again, I miss those little kiddo's already!

I hope ya'll had a great holiday week as well.

Mary Elizabeth


Our 4th

How was your 4th of July? We went to a very small festival downtown. The kids rode a couple of the rides. They threw darts at balloons and they each actually hit one. They each received a ball for that game. We ended up going to a restaurant downtown to eat. We were in line at a food stand and when I noticed the prices it was going to be $27 dollars just for sandwiches. When I told my husband that he promptly got us out of line. He wasn't paying $27 for bratwursts. Overall, it was a good day.

Of course, we had to get a picture of this.

Rhiannon wanted to go on the rides, but wasn't big enough.

Luke was so excited to ride the horses.

Mac's pony looked like my pony, Chipper.

The boys were showing Jax all the different military tanks.



Happy 4th of July


Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. What are your plans? We are going to a parade and walk around downtown.



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