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Sisters....I am Rhiannon, second oldest sister, blond (in every way), married to a Georgia boy, stay at home mom of two darling children....I love my Saviour, Jesus Christ and I seek to honor Him in all that I do....even in making our house a home...because that is one of my jobs as a wife and mother.......I am, computer illiterate, a chocolate addict, flavored coffee creamer addict, (5 parts creamer to 1 part coffee) lover of all things Pottery Barn and scared to death of color on my walls. My husband and children are my life (and our family pool business)..sigh.....Claira Grace is my 2 year old & William Grant is the baby, he turned 1 in November of 2010.  Grant, my husband, loves me more than I deserve and he is such a great sport when it comes to my love of decorating.  He conveniently has the same taste as I which makes life so easy.  He even helps me out from time to time when I get myself in over my head (happens more than I like to admit)...it is amazing how much easier projects become when he lends his strong, helping hand.  God has done so much for me and I am truly grateful for His Blessings in my life........

~The Sweet Little Family that God has Blessed Me With~
 This blog is just what the name says it is....My sisters (best friends) and I are separated by hundreds of miles some even thousands of miles...so driving across town to check out their latest project or taste their newest recipe is not an option for me, sadly.....we have had to resort to technology, as aggravating as it can be sometimes, to keep each other up to date on what we are working on at home.  I hope that you will be inspired and blessed each and everytime you visit...and I can assure you that we are enjoying every moment we have to spend here......

God Bless,



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