I've mentioned it before, but in case you didn't know, I LOVE vanilla beans. I use them as much as possible. I make my own vanilla, vanilla sugar, vanilla syrup, vanilla coffee creamer, vanilla ice cream and anything else that calls for vanilla. I have been ordering them online, because I can't find fresh beans here in Alaska. My little addiction was getting pricey. But I found a new site that sells vanilla beans. It's Beanilla. They have several other products. I was so excited when they arrived in the mail. They are by far the freshest beans I have ever used. They were oily, and very flexible. Comparing these to the ones I had been getting, the old ones were extremely dried out. I think there prices are very reasonable also, especially for the quality of the beans.

Sorry this post doesn't have any pictures, but we have used up all storage space for pictures here on blogger. I am working on finding a fix for this.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.



School has started

I cannot believe that I have a child that is old enough to start school. I was going to wait till next year but he was ready and talked about it all the time. So, in September I ordered the four year old preschool curriculum from A Beka Book. Yes, we are homeschooling. Because of where we live homeschooling is really our only option. There isn't a good conservative Christian school here. For several reason's we do not want our children in public school. I prefer my children have as little worldly influence as possible. It's going so well. Luke loves it. He gets so excited when he gets the answer right or writes his letters correctly. Of course if Luke is doing something they all have to do it. Mac is learning from what I am teaching Luke and Rhiannon is catching all to a lot of it. But, she prefers to color in her Hello Kitty book. Every once in a while though she'll look up and surprise you with the right answer to a question that was given to Luke and Mac. There is defiently work involved, but it's extremely fun. We spend about an hour and half a day on school work. We have Phonics, Math, Geography and Writing. I love the products that A Beka Books produces. The Parent Kit comes with a lot of flashcards, games, and the curriculum books (which tells you exactly what to do and say).
We have to have the shield during schoolwork, you never know when
the bad guys will show up.

Mac does not like getting his picture taken.
This is gym time. Yes, they have boxing gloves. After several black eyes I
thought this would be a good investment. They need a punching bag. The
firelplace is the only thing they can hit and not leave a mark. For a 3 & 4 year
old, they hit really hard.



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