~I LOVE When I Have Moments of Brilliance~

This one is for Mary..our Indiana sister....I have never seen anyone with as many pairs of boots as her....I was organizing my closet, you know, getting ready for that imaginary new wardrobe...well, maybe one day. Anyhow...I have always hated my boots being on the floor of the closet..all my shoes are in shoe racks and I just prefer for things to be off the floor as much as possible....well, all of the sudden it HIT me how I can store my boots! I LOVE moments like these! I had a few extra multiple type skirt hangers that I wasn't using and I thought that would be perfect to hang my boots from...not only does it keep them off the floor but it keeps them from always having that crease in them....hope this helps you as you start your spring organizing..oh, wait unless you live in Alaska or Indiana...ya'll are just settling in for winter..It was in the high 60s today here in south Georgia...I won't be needing boots much longer, glad I have such a great place to store them! :)

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