I love to refinish furniture...It is always such a challenge because you just never know what is underneath that paint or stain or how it is going to take the new paint or stain!! I love being able to completely change the look of something with just a little spray paint ( and the occasional stain )! My most recent "re-do" projects I don't have good before pictures, unfortunately...but here are the after pictures. They could not have come out more perfect!

I love these bar stools! I was wondering around my mother-in-laws basement one night looking for the cherry pepsi and I stumbled on these beautiful stools! They weren't really beautiful when I brought them home, but they are now ! They are oak stools and just had a very basic, dull finish. 2 coats of spray paint later and a little distressing and they look like they have always belonged! And we can now use them at our bar for dinner!!! YAY!!!

This table was a wedding gift 5 years ago. Cant believe I can say I have been married for 5 years!!! It was a garage sale find that a family friend bought for next to nothing and refinished it for us. She actually made the benches for it too since it didn't come with anything!! It was our main kitchen/dining table we had for the first 3 yrs! It, like the stools, is oak and had a natural finish on it when we got it. Last summer I decided it was time to "re-do".... It cost me nothing because I had the paint, stain and sand paper and a saturday afternoon with nothing better to do! I could not be happier with how it turned out, it looks even better in person! Seriously, I LOVE it!!!!

This was my old stainless steal paper towel holder. I haven's used it since we moved into our new house because all of my new stuff is the oil rubbed bronze....needless to say, it didn't really match! I don't know why I didn't think of painting this sooner. I first used a dark bronze/brown paint ( because thats what I had ) but I wasn't a fan so I did another coat with black. Looks so much better now! I don't have it sitting out ( I don't like my counter tops to be cluttered ) so it still sits in my pantry in all its bronze glory but at least I no longer cringe when I see that ugly steel holder sitting on my shelf! What a difference a coat of spray paint can make!

God Bless

Mary Elizabeth

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