Well, this last week has been one long FREEZING snowstorm! Every time I turn around it is snowing again! We usually do get quite a bit of snow but it comes in spurts. Get a little snow, it will melt then we get a little more....on and on for several months..but this year its not melting! And it just keeps snowing! We had a blizzard last week which dumped 16-24in all over the area, on top of what we already had. The worst of it came through tuesday night and wednseday morning. All of northern Indiana was in a state of emergency! Unfortunately I still had to go to work wednseday morning.....good thing I drive a big truck or I would have never made it out of our driveway! And this is what I showed up too......snow every where!

These pictures above are across the street from my work....The pictures just don't do it justice to how much snow there was! I know this would be nothing to Christine in Alaska but like I said, we don't usually get that much all at once! When I got out of the truck the snow was above my knees!

Even though it was sooo cold ( and when I say cold I mean 10-20 below zero ) it was beautiful! The air was crisp and everything was covered in a beautiful white blanket!

Mary Elizabeth

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