Our Trip to Seward

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to drive down to Seward.  It was about 9pm Sunday night when we started loading up the van. After going back and forth about what was actually needed, (husband thought I was taking to much stuff for a one night trip) the "stuff" and kids were loaded and we were off. We got to Seward about midnight. Of course the kids slept most of the way, so when we got into the hotel room they were all wide awake. This was their first time in a hotel and they were beyond excited. They were checking out everything. Mac's favorite thing was the microwave. Who in their right mind would put a microwave about 3 feet off the ground? Perfect height for kids. Needless to say when we couldn't find something, we checked the microwave. Sure enought it would be in there. Everything from shoes, to remotes to clothes.
 We finally got them settled down and in bed.

 On Monday we went to the Sea Life Center. The boys loved it. They had so much fun watching the animals.

After eating lunch we went to look at the boats. Rhainnon had enough and couldn't wait any longer for a nap.

This guy was swimming around the docks. We followed him for awhile. It was fun and something we need to do again soon.


  1. Rhainnon's hair is GORGEOUS! Looks like its exactly your color! I havent seen a pic of her since she was born- SOOO good to see you and your 3 kiddos- they are all very cute and you look stunning!

  2. Look like you guys had a great time! Love the pics!

  3. I love the Sealife Center! Looks like you guys had a great trip :)



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