Last night I was looking for a recipe for strawberry / chocolate cupcakes and came across this amazing idea and recipe.  I don't know why, but all  my chocolate recipes are so detailed. They consist of melting chocolate and then you have to wait for it cool. Needless to say they aren't quick recipes. And when you don't start a dessert till 8pm or later all that just sounds like too much work. But, this recipe was so easy and fast. I was done with everything in about an hour.

So, when my husband came home from school his "snack" was waiting for him. The next time I make this though I am defiently going to use the strawberries. The kids will love seeing the strawberries on fire.

If you want a quick chocolate cake recipe try this one.


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  1. that is such a cool idea! I love the flaming strawberries! I am going to have to try this...



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