DIY Curtains

I have a love/hate relationship with curtains, window treatments, blinds....whatever you want to call them. I love the way the look. The character they bring to the room. The color and print you can add to a room....but I hate that they cover up the window. I like to be able to look out and see everything. I don't like being "closed in". I also love the trim around our windows so I hate to cover it up.

plantation shutters

Now, all that being said if I could have these on all my windows ( which I will some day!! ) I wouldn't mind. I love the way plantation shutters look and how it still looks "airy" and open. Unfortunately these are not at the top of my husbands priority list right now, mostly because they are not cheap:) and I have a LOT of windows in my home. Someday....Someday....

Meanwhile my husband wanted to have something on our bedroom windows. We live in the country with no neighbors behind us so I wasn't in a hurry to cover them up. I searched every store and internet sight I could find with no luck. So, I made my own of course:)

Finding material was even harder than finding curtains. I ended up using shower curtains:) They were too short for my windows and I liked the look of the "blocks" so I found the white at Hobby Lobby to add to the top. I cut the shower curtain in half and then attached the white block with "no sew" tape ( also from Hobby Lobby ). I used bamboo sticks for the curtain rods ( a pack of 3 for $10 at Target...which was perfect for my 3 window bedroom ) and my husband made the hooks at his work. I didn't have to trim the ends and the top I just folded over and used the clip rings. They turned out really well. Next best thing to Plantation Shutters I suppose:)

Mary Elizabeth

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