DIY Flower Headband ~ tutorial ~

I love flower headbands for my little girl. I usually buy them from Etsy but decided to make a few of my own after finding all the supplies at Hobby Lobby.

 I had the flowers at home so I only needed the headbands ( these soft stretchy ones are my favorite, they seem to be the most comfortable ) and the little studs for the centers. The white petals I had formed into a flower a while back but had taken it apart before I remembered to take a picture.

I pulled the pink flower a part and hot glued it to the bottom of the largest white petal. You can't really see that petal but it helps it look a little fuller. 

I placed 3 smaller petals in the center and then put another little clump of the pink in the middle of those then topped it with the little stud.

Glued the headband to the bottom of the flower and then I covered it with another petal so it would look finished.

This was the end result. So cute and girly!

isn't she the cutest!!

Lyla wanted to model it for you in her pj's:)

check out my new headband!
she definitely makes it look cuter:)

Have a great Thursday:)

Mary Elizabeth



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