Friday's Treat

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies were on the list for this week's treat. I love these cookies. Of course anything with peanut butter and chocolate is awesome! I found the recipe for these on Smitten Kitchen. They are very yummy;) As she says on her website she found the recipe for these in the Magnolia Bakery cookbook ( a popular bakery in New York City ). 

These come together so easily that I actually mixed them up by hand. Yep, that's right....by hand! Mix them up and scoop them out ( I used a large cookie scoop for this or you could use an ice cream scoop as well ).

Roll them in a little bit of sugar and then place on your baking sheet.

I pressed them down with a fork, which is traditional for peanut butter cookies and then bake

These are large. If you wanted a smaller cookie just use a smaller scoop or spoon.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!!

Mary Elizabeth


  1. Luke saw these and said "Oh, Mommy you need to make these for me." Peanut Butter and chocolate are his favorite things.

  2. haha...thats cute;)His sweet tooth would love these!

  3. will you make me some when you come to visit?



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