Family Visit to Georgia

Every year for the Fourth we are able to visit my sister, Rhiannon, in SE Georgia. This time it was especially exciting because she was going to be the first one of my family to meet my little girl....who, by the way was a TROOPER when it came to the 14hr car ride:) 

Lyla on the trip down
Claira and Will
My nieces and nephew are just too cute...and sooo much fun! Claira ( the oldest ) has such an amazing personality:) She made me laugh so much while we were there. And little Will is such a stud:) Charlotte is so precious and such a little joy!

Lyla enjoyed the pool. This was one of the first days we were there, by the end of the week I'm pretty sure she wanted me to let her go! Splashing and kicking like crazy:)

 Our visit wouldn't be complete without a trip to Chick-Fil-A ( sorry Chris )
Although I think Ben and Lyla could have done without it because we ended up being there for about an hour and a half at least....hahaha...the looks on their faces say it all!!

seriously, we aren't done yet?
The babies really enjoyed each other. They got to play together quite a bit. I could write at least 2-3 more post just on the pictures I have of them playing together!!

the babies, we live 14hrs apart but still manage to buy the same things!

The Fireworks
We always go to St. Simons Island for fireworks and this year was no different, except we had to carry a lot more "stuff" than in previous years:) Good thing Rhiannon had the double stroller!!

Ben manning the stroller

Rhiannon and Grant

Lyla was mesmerized by all the activity going on around her....there were so many first for her on this trip. It was so much fun for me to watch her soak it all up!

Lyla and I waiting for the action to start

Will does not enjoy fireworks so he was getting ready with his earplugs, poor little guy!

Uncle Ben got fudge 

Charlotte didn't know what was going on...haha

Family photo during the fireworks. I don't know if Lyla liked them or not. As long as I kept her ears covered  she would watch them but jump and grab for me every time one went off:)

sisters and cousins
Rhiannon and I with our little girls at Grant's birthday party

Lyla loved Will

We had such a good time together and I just loved watching my little darling play with her cousins! It was an amazing feeling to watch that.

We can't wait to see them again, I miss those little kiddo's already!

I hope ya'll had a great holiday week as well.

Mary Elizabeth

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