Friday's Treat ~ Mini Mocha Cupcakes

These mini cakes are so, sooo good!!! If you are a lover of chocolate and coffee you will definitely want to try these out. Not to mention they are just adorable. 

I have to say that my decorating skills have improved greatly because of this friday tradition....I feel like a real cake decorator:)

I found these little polka dot liners at Michaels for just a $1, aren't they cute?!

I found the recipe for these on the Brown Eyed Baker's blog. You can find the recipe here. She has a lot of good recipes and ideas. I used  a cappuccino powder instead of the espresso powder only because I couldn't find an espresso powder....I used the suisse mocha flavor and loved it! I also dusted the top with a little bit of cocoa.....perfect!!

Try them....I know you will love them!!!!

Have a great weekend!

~ Mary Elizabeth ~

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