Friday's Treat ~ Cheesecake Cupcakes

I have been wanting to try a Red Velvet Cheesecake for sometime now and just hadn't gotten around to it so I thought what better time than the week of Christmas for the office treats. I knew I would need to turn it into cupcakes which turned out to be quite a process. My sister Rhiannon and her family were staying with me for Christmas so with 4 little ones running around and multiple things happening at the same time I didn't get pictures of every step.......:( Here is the finished product...I didn't actually eat one but my husband said they were amazing ( he ate at least 4 while at work and then 2 more that evening!! )

I know they don't look very red. I usually have food coloring on hand but apparently I used up all but a few drops of the red so the color contrast was not as dramatic as I was hoping for. You can see what I mean if you go here. If you looked at the link you can see what I was going for....

There is a chocolate cookie crust, gnache, cheesecake, gnache, cake and then another drizzle of gnache!!! Yes, all that in 1 little cupcake:)

The recipe for everything is here. Just make sure you have plenty of RED food coloring on hand before you begin:)


Mary Elizabeth

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