Christmas At Our House

~Welcome to our Christmas Home~

I was finishing up some homemade presents for a family Christmas party this weekend, and I decided to do a quick Christmas tour....I hesitated to do it because I never feel like I am done decorating....(am I the only person who feels this way?)....(always adding and making it better until it is time to take it down?) Well, here it is in its current state... 

 The island is a new addition...we just had it built a couple of weeks ago by a talented friend, Levi Edy, owner of Edgy Woodworking, it is exactly what we needed to complete the kitchen! 

As you can probably tell I don't spend much money on decorations, I like the natural texture of Georgia pine cones and the scrap limbs off my live Christmas tree :)...this year I bought one poinsettia. I usually buy a few things after Christmas every year on clearance and that about sums up my decorating.  I use my everyday decorations in different ways and it works for me....imagine that...I like the way I decorate. :)  By the way, I am listening to the Piano Guys on youtube as I write this....they are AmaZiNg!

This is the Laundry room...we built the magnetic chalkboard a month or so ago and I love it...the kids do as well....I was in the attic getting my Christmas decorations and I found that deer head/skull...hope Grant doesn't mind that I hung it up...he hasn't seen it yet..he is too busy trying to get more antlers for me in Illinois.

Claira hangs her tests on the board when she gets a perfect score...(I rotate them out because she usually gets 100% and I run out of room on the board)

The rest of the pictures are just different shots of the living area....When we renovated the house we took out walls in the main living area and it turned a little house with small rooms into an open and inviting living area...we had over 20 people in here the other night for my sons 4th birthday party and we had plenty of room....I'm a fan of open living areas!

Here is a good example of my crazy rearranging...the jar on the end with the acorns (which the kids and I picked up off the ground) and candle, usually, holds my brown sugar in the kitchen.....but, it will act as a candle holder during the Christmas season. Typically,  the black lantern is on the porch but I thought it added a nice touch here....The nativity painting is a clearance item from Kirklands last Christmas...$19.99...I bought 2, one for me and one for my mother in law...I believe they were $89.99 regular priced.

I have enjoyed decorating our little cottage "fixer-upper" for the first time....it's Home....Cozy, Warm and our Little Refuge from this crazy world....Obviously, decorating is not the important part of Christmas, in fact it's irrelevant. It's something we do for ourselves...the importance of Christmas is solely the acknowledgement of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  ~Luke 2 is a good place to read all about it~

Merry Christmas!



  1. Love your Christmas home tour, Rhiannon!

    I have that same black lantern from Kirklands. :)

    1. Thanks Christina, I am always intimidated putting pictures up....they never look as good as it does in real life.

  2. looks good!! Our trees look way too similar:)



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