Feather Lamp Shade

I am in the process of putting things together for my daughters room.  The colors I have chosen for her room are gray, pink and white. Though finding things in the gray color has not been easy. So, I have to make or repaint a lot of things. I bought this cute little lamp at Target (on sale), but couldn't find a cute lampshade. 
I decided to spruce up the shade that came with it with some pink feathers. 

I want Rhiannon's room to have more of a glamour look to it then a baby nursery look. Hopefully, I will be able to achieve that look. I got 2 packages of pink feather trim. I them cut the trim into pieces that would fit around the shade and hot glued them into place. I like how it turned out.

More pictures will be coming of things that I have already done and are planning to do.  It might be awhile before you see the finished room.  My sister is staying with us and she is using that room right now.

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