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I am in the process of making an art wall. Actually, it's almost done. I want to wait a day or two before I post the completed project. I'm not quite sure about one of the pictures. I'm not sure if I want to paint the frame, get a new one, or leave it. Till then, I'll show you how I made the Welcome picture.

I started with a picture frame that I bought from Target.. I didn't have a picture for it, but I wanted to use it. Then, I thought well when I make my new curtains and pillows, I'll use some material in it. But, I didn't want to wait that long. THEN, I got this EXTREMELY bright idea. I'll make a welcome sign from the chalkboard paint I had let over from a project for the boys room. (Side note -- I need to make a post about that. I forgot all about that project.)

I painted the glass from the frame with the paint.  I had to do several coats. 
Now we just need to invite some people over.

Put the frame back together and wrote Welcome.  Just so you know, I LOVE this frame on the art wall. Can't wait to show you the completed project.  Hope you all enjoy and make a welcome sign for you home as well. If you do make one let me know. I would love to see your welcome signs as well.


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