~Best Garage Sale Find~

I have to admit that I am a novice at garage sales....I think I have been to 3 in my lifetime but, that is all changing very quickly, especially after this great coffee table find! My sister in law and I headed out a little late for garage salers one Saturday morning last fall and were happy to find on our first stop this GREAT coffee table! The only reason I think it was still there was because the people selling it had stuff all over it...and it didn't catch your eye right away. I looked and looked and then looked again and saw the price tag....a whopping $7 for a solid oak Lane table......I didn't hesitate...but, quickly asked to take everything off to get a better look...and regardless of the fact that I already have a coffee table I was quick to say "I'll take it!" My thought process was even if I give it away it was too good to pass up....but, I knew I wasn't going to give it away because the honest truth is that my beautiful coffee table is up in the attic for the simple reason that it is too large for our living room..and this one was the PERFECT size....My wonderful sister in law drove back to pick it up for me since it wouldn't fit in my car, and then I had the fun of calling my handsome hubby to let him know that I had bought it and would he please, pick it up for me from my sister in law's house?!? :) Of course, he did it for me and even helped me refinish it....he is such a great husband. So, here are the before and after pictures of my $7 garage sale find....hopefully, it will encourage you to get out and look for cheap treasures that need a loving hand to bring out their true beauty! :) (I am having the worst luck at uploading pictures and moving them around, so please, bear with me as I learn how to be a blogger....the After pic is first because I can't get it anywhere else...grrrrrrr!)


Really, there has got to be an easier way to get my pictures up!!! Any help would be appreciated!




  1. The coffee table looks great! Laughed when I read your last sentence. Call me this weekend and we'll work on you becoming a blogger. Don't worry you'll get the hang of it. :)

  2. ok...will do! Got some good advice on fb about a free download which gives alot of options....we need to do that this weekend.

  3. do you have the updated editor? it makes uploading pictures super easy.

    the table looks great!!



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