~Butterfly Tree~

My daughters room has somehow taken on a garden type theme...so, I came up with my own rendition of a butterfly tree that I have seen on a few different blogs. I used mostly things I already had...but did buy a few very cheap little items....here is how it went......

My sister in law had given me 2 of these....well, lovely urns...aka...a Goodwill find that had potential and I spray painted one of them the light green accent color that I have in Clairas room. (sorry forgot to take a picture, but I am pretty sure ya'll know how to do that!)
Then I bought a couple sheets of scrapbooking paper at Michaels for $.50 a sheet.....(and a little wooden butterfly pattern to trace for $.59)
I then employed my little sister Allie who was staying with us at the time to trace and cut out the butterflies......(she had to work for her food that day :)
My hubby thought he could help her get a better cut....he is an engineer btw...so everything must be meticulous...love ya, Honey!
We then took a walk outside to find some sticks......
Spray painted them white with some cheap Dollar Store spray paint....
Here is a close up of Allie's perfect little butterflies....:) Good Job, Allie!
Then the fun part of putting it all together with some hot glue.....
hmmmm...like it so far?

Here it is....cute little butterfly tree in its new home! Precious little girls room for a precious little girl....who by the way is very sick this evening....She is laying here on the couch beside me watching an old Spencer Tracey western..:)

Cheap, Fun & Easy!



  1. Rhiannon, this is so cute and would be adorable in my neices new nursery on her book case! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing and by the way I love this blog, such a sweet, cute idea! Sara Lehman



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