where do i begin...

So, I have to start by saying it has been way too long since I have posted anything!! Time always seems to get away from me....

I have been yearning for spring time! The cold weather here has given me the blues like none other this winter and I can not wait for warm sunshine and beautiful flowers. I have been looking at so many blogs just this evening ( we have a good internet connection tonight so I feel like I have to look at everything possible while I have the chance ). There are soo many good ideas out there! It really is amazing to see what can be done with little to no money necessary;-) I started to clean out the old winter decor and im looking for bright bold flowers and moss and bright greanery ( like the gorgeous tins and topiary's from PB above ). Tulips and Daffodils, and Daisy's!! I LOVE daisys! I think you know where im going with this.......I am ready for my spring decor! I have a few ideas brewing....tomorrow promises to be a very eventful and fulfilling day for these ideas;-) I cant wait;-))

These one's ( again from PB would be perfect )
More to come soon....

Enjoy the color of the season ;-)

Mary Elizabeth

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