A New Coffee/Drink Tray

A couple of  months ago I bought a $2.00 picture frame from the Thrift Store with the idea that I would somehow turn it into a tray. 

 So, after a good cleaning, a couple coats of paint I had a decent tray. 

But it was just a little plain looking for me.  So, after a couple of days of brain storming and the fact that it took that long to get the paint back out, I decided to stencil it.

 I used the same stencil that I used above the fireplace. (I promise a post of that will come very soon. I have a couple of touch ups to do to complete it.)

So here is the "new" drink tray. Now, just to get a new coffee machine. It got broken a couple of weeks ago. I decided not to ask which son was involved with that situation. I like having a tray here. It keeps things together and looks a little neater. Not for bad $2.00 .


  1. adorable!! and from one coffee lover to another... french press. no, there's no pre-set timer, but your coffee-loving palette will love you! But that's just my preference=).



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