Our First Christmas Program

I can’t believe that we attended our first Christmas program this week. Our first child attends Cubbies each week on Tuesday nights.  Cubbies are the two to five year old group for the Awana Club (insert link). He LOVES it. This last Tuesday was their Christmas Program.  They sang one song, Away in a Manager.  When we were talking about it the night before he wasn’t too impressed with getting up and singing. He thought the motions they were supposed to do were “ridiculous”. His word for anything he doesn’t like or want to do. What’s funny is that he likes and knows all the songs, but thinks its “ridiculous” to do the motions (so his mother’s child). And true to his word he didn’t do ANY motions during the song.
I only got one picture that wasn’t fuzzy. I am really trying to do better in the picture department. Trying to keep tract of a camera and a three, two and one year old is about impossible, for me anyways. So, I only have this one picture to share. I still can’t believe that I have children and that one is old enough now to be in a Christmas Program. Time is flying by.


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