Friday's Treat

So, friday's treat......it was a failure this week!!! I know, I can't believe it either:) I didn't even take a picture because it looked soo pitiful. I made coffee cupcakes with whipping cream frosting.
I have a cake recipe that I just love, it always turns out perfect. Except for this time and I have to blame it on the fact that I just can't leave well enough alone! I tweaked the recipe to make it coffee and while it tasted amazing, the cupcakes fell:( My husband said he wanted to take them anyways because they still tasted good but I wouldn't let him...he kept telling me to not throw them away because he would eat them even though they were "ugly"...lol...Next week will be much better!!

On a bright note I did make some amazing rice krispie treats earlier this week with butterscotch and chocolate. I have a new idea on how to put them together so the next time I make them I will show ya'll.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!

Mary Elizabeth

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