In Love with Curtains

I love my new curtains for the living room.

It took me FOREVER to find the material that I wanted. I finally find it on fabric.com. I am still working on covering the actually window. My husband wants blinds, but he doesn’t have to clean them. He hates that people can see right in. I am leaning more for some kind of sheer right now. We have been there for two and half years now, so obliviously, I’m not in a big hurry to cover up the windows.

I saw a post on a blog awhile ago about the curtains she made. She was posting about “training” your curtains. She said that if you did this they would always fold back correctly when you opened them. So, I gave it a try and had curtains like this for a couple of days. Start at the top and make your folds, tie. Keeping the folds going straight and even down the curtain, tie again in the middle. Continue the folds and tie at the bottom.

I just used ribbon to hold the folds in place for about 3 days.
Needless to say everybody thought I had lost my mind. But, it works. They always have the crisp folds.
I still have a couple of things that I want to do in the living room and dining room. Really the whole house. Of course, I wait till the end of my pregnancy to scramble like crazy to finish it all. This time though I have no energy. My hopes and goals are set high, but time will tell what really gets done.


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  1. Chris, I love it!!! I love that fabric and your pillows on the couch. I found an idea for pillows online. just trying to find what I need/like to post about it....your house looks so pretty:)



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