Friday's Treat

Oh-So-Coconut-y Cupcakes!! If you love cupcakes and coconut this is the treat for you! They are so moist and tender and coconut-y....perfect! I have never actually made these before but there is a picture in one of my favorite cookbooks ( A Passion for Baking ) that I always look at when I am using that book...the picture doesn't do these justice. The coconut is so pretty:) My husband told me this morning on his way out the door " I am soo excited about these cupcakes, they are amazing!" Like me my husband has a thing for sweets/desserts. His sweet tooth leans more towards fruits and mine is chocolate. These cupcakes
though, no matter your preference, are delectable. Yes, I said it....delectable!!

So...any great plans for the weekend? There is a visit to Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 on my schedule. It is time to decorate for spring and I can't wait to get some things going.....pillows, wall hangings, new center piece for the dining room table. I will let you know what I find...

Have a great weekend

Mary Elizabeth


  1. So, are you going to send the recipe? I need to make these. I love coconut.

  2. yes, I will get it posted in the next little bit...



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