How do you drink your coffee?

My husband says I will take a little coffee with my cream. I don't think this extremely accurate, but close. He also says it runs in the family. My Dad and sisters can though the creamer too. I usually never run out of Coffee Mate Creamer. We use all the flavors, but LOVE the Pumpkin Spice that only comes out during the Holidays.

Well, my situation started Friday morning. I made coffee and used all the creamer. Being the optimistic person that I am, it wasn't a big deal. I would just go to the grocery store later. But, with a 3, 2, 1 and almost 4 week old, later was not a good time. Jax, the 4 week old, would sleep. No problem with him. Now Rhiannon, the 1 year old, she was in some mood on Friday. Not the type of mood that makes you want to get shoes, coats and load all four of them into the mini van mind you. So, needless to say, I never made it to the store. Then comes Friday night. I really need some coffee. So, me in my ever state of mind that pretty much ANYTHING can be made from scratch. I googled coffee creamer recipes, and a ton come up. This creamer recipe is the one that I used. I made the Pumpkin Spice one. Let me tell you that you have never had creamer in your coffee till you use this creamer. She has a couple of different flavors listed. I'm making the French Vanilla tonight. Try it, you might never go back to store bought creamer again.



  1. I am a HUGE creamer fan as well:) I will have to try this recipe! And let me tell you, I made Mary's cheesecakes the other day and the whole time I thought about how you and I made that raspberry cheesecake for easter dinner at Dennis's in Pound! Miss you, Chris!

    1. I think about that every Easter. That was a fun time. And to think about all the food we made on that two burner stove. Fun times. Miss you too. It would be so fun to get together for an afternoon, let the kids play, and drink coffee.

  2. If you like the coffee house style that is "frothy" you need to get a little thing from target. I call it a frother, not sure what it is called. It is battery powered and has a little flat whisk on the end. I warm up my creamer and then use the frother for just a minute in it and you get that great foam/froth, light and airy texture to your coffee. It was with the French Press pots. Best $12 I have spent for coffee accessories( other than my French Press )which, by the way, if your not using a French Press and fresh ground coffee you are missing out!!



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