Friday's Treat

This week I made one of my favorite little sweet treats:) S'more Bites!!
They are every bit as good as you can imagine:) There is a bit of a debate as to who came up with this clever little way of making S'mores without the bonfire but despite what my Sister Christine will tell you I made them first;)
They are so simple to make and require very little ingredients ( as real S'mores don't either ). This is all you will need to make the perfect little bite size S'more.

The crust is graham crackers and butter. I process the crackers until they are really fine. You don't want any big pieces of cracker because that tends to not hold together as well since it is so small. The more butter you use the firmer your crust will be.
 I made about 100 of these for my husband to take today and that took about 5 packs of graham crackers and about 1 1/2 cups of butter ( more or less ). Press into the little muffins cups press down the centers and up the sides a little bit so you can fill it with chocolate after baking. Bake for 8-10min at 350.

 Melt the chocolate chips ( Hershey's Chocolate Chips are the best, they are the only ones I use for my baking ) and spoon just enough to come to the top of the crust. Cover with Marshmallows and put back into the oven under the broiler. Now, keep a very close eye on them because the marshmallows will burn quickly!! I leave mine in just long enough to melt the marshmallows and brown the tops just a bit.

That is all there is to it!! So simple yet so delicious!!  I must warn you about these little things before you make them though.......You will eat them ALL almost immediately! :) it is so hard not too. They are just the perfect little size to pop into your mouth. These are perfect for parties or just a little treat with the kiddos:)


Mary Elizabeth

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