Cupcake Stands

Anybody that really knows me, knows I am obsessed with cupcakes. I make them all the time. I could spend all day googling cupcakes and getting ideas. In my "research" I've seen a lot of small cake stands. I haven't been able to find any here in Anchorage. Which isn't really surprising, it takes a while for the new fad to catch on here. I also seen different ways to make your own cakestands. So, I decided to make my own cupcake stands.

This is the result:

I used some spray paint that already had on hand. This is pink and the other one I made was brown.

With three kids running the cupcake didn't last long on the stand. So, now my bird is using it. There are endless possibilities for it when the cupcakes are gone. I think it would also be cute on a bedside table.



  1. I love this!! In fact, I just pinned it on pinterest. Glad to see someone else thought it was a great idea.:)

  2. This is such a cute idea. I am going to have to make some of these. I want to have a multi-tiered one for cupcakes and cookies...



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