Our 4th

How was your 4th of July? We went to a very small festival downtown. The kids rode a couple of the rides. They threw darts at balloons and they each actually hit one. They each received a ball for that game. We ended up going to a restaurant downtown to eat. We were in line at a food stand and when I noticed the prices it was going to be $27 dollars just for sandwiches. When I told my husband that he promptly got us out of line. He wasn't paying $27 for bratwursts. Overall, it was a good day.

Of course, we had to get a picture of this.

Rhiannon wanted to go on the rides, but wasn't big enough.

Luke was so excited to ride the horses.

Mac's pony looked like my pony, Chipper.

The boys were showing Jax all the different military tanks.


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  1. that looks like fun! I bet the kids really enjoyed that:) the picture of the boys is priceless!!



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