Arts and Crafts Festival

Last week my little darling and I went to the Arts and Crafts Festival at Amish Acres.

she may not be as big a fan as I am of festivals:)
The front of the property is full of little shops, a restaurant and a live theatre and then the festival is held in the back around a pond.  

the fudge shop, this may be my favorite shop:)

it wouldn't be amish without a wagon shed:)

the inside of this place is amazing!!

We stopped here to take a few pictures. My friend and her little girl were able to come with us. Random place, I know, to take pictures but their porch is adorable!

We had a great time together!!

Lyla and Delayna

isn't she precious!!

Our area is full of festivals so I will share them with you as we go!! 

Do ya'll enjoy going to festivals?

Which ones are your favorite?

Mary Elizabeth

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