Front Patio

I have been working on my to-do list all summer. I have finally have almost completed one of the main projects I had listed - the front of our house. We took the old pavers and flower box. We made the area a little bigger. The plan was to replace with new pavers, but after adding up the cost it was more than we wanted to spend. So,  I  we decided to go with gravel and make a pebble patio. It's finished except for the chair. I'm waiting for some patio chairs to go on sale. I like this chair here but it's not an outside chair. Since, it's been raining a lot here lately, it's a pain bringing it in and out. I know I have some pictures somewhere for a "before" shot, but I can't find it. So, here a few "after" shots.
I am planning on making another layer of stones, filling with dirt,
then filling it with ferns.

I think two black iron chairs and maybe a little table will look better.

I thought I would take a couple of pictures of the backyard while the weather was nice. The boys like playing under the tree.

I planted two small raspberry bushes in my planter. They completely
took it over this year. I need to thin it out. I'm just not sure where to
plant them.
As I was taking the pictures I hear, "Mom, come look at us!" This is what I see as I round the corner. I'm just waiting for the day somebody breaks an arm or leg. As you can see they don't like to be penned in.

 Now, it's on to the next project. Painting!! Not my most favorite thing to do. Probably why it's not finished yet.



  1. LOVED seeing the outside of your house! You have a GREAt yard! One fo these days/years i will make it out there to visit you!

  2. Looks great Christine, and wow your back yard is big!

  3. Chris, I LOVE it! Your yard is so pretty. I can't believe how big it is since you live in a neighborhood! The ferns will be perfect. The pictures of the kids is priceless:) They crack me up:)

  4. love that pic of the kids and wow I didn't realize your yard was so big! looks great..I have been looking at window boxes on pinterest...check them out they would look great around your living room windows and you could fill them with small evergreens so that in the winter you would have green peeping through the snow!



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