DIY Dessert Trays

The other day I was running on the treadmill downstairs and was a little bit bored. I have a small tv down there just for this purpose but that was boring me as well:) I started scanning over my little craft table at everything that had been collecting there and noticed these two things.....

And then I remembered this post that Christine had done a few weeks ago. Suddenly I wasn't so bored because I was planning my next project!

The stands were originally candle holders with glass globes on top, which I never used anywhere ( they were a gift quite a while ago ) and the plates I had picked up at Hobby Lobby a while back for .60 cents each. The one on the right I had painted and never used so things were just piled on top. So I scrubbed them down and attached the stand to the plate with some glue...I almost glued my fingers together in the process, for about 2 seconds I was pretty nervous but was able to get them apart :).

Once the glue was dry I painted them with some soft white gloss spray paint that I had on hand. I love the detail on the plates.

And I love that I had to plates and the different size stands so that I could have a pair. 

My little darling enjoyed them too. 

Are you working on any projects right now? I would love to hear about them!

Mary Elizabeth



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