Baby Wipes

To be honest, we use baby wipes for than just changing diapers. It's something easy for the kids to get to clean up their messes. I know it creates a little more garbage, but it also minimizes the laundry. For this stage in our lives I feel that less laundry is a plus. These homemade wipes are so much cheaper than buying wipes. Also, have you looked at the ingredients in baby wipes? It lists several ingredients that I can't pronounce let alone tell you what they are. As a side note, my obsession with removing any chemicals from my family's life is to help prevent some health issues that I have been experiencing.  Obviously, as mothers we all want to do our best to raise healthy kids and we each have to decide what is best for our family. With that though I am still on the hunt for better ingredients. When I find better ingredients, I'll post those. Or let me know what you use that is "greener" or "more natural".

So, here is how I make baby wipes (extremely simple):

Half a roll of paper towels (Bounty select a size works best for me, they don't fall apart)
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon of baby oil
1 1/2 tablespoon of baby wash

Mix ingredients together in a container with a tight fitting lid. Cut paper towel roll in half. Serrated knife works best. Place your towels into the container.

Flip it over. Let sit until paper towels are wet.
 Turn the container back over and remove the cardboard center. Cutting the cardboard with scissors is the easiest way. Pull the center towel up and use.

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