Friday's Treat ~ No Bake Cookies

I needed something easy this week after all the time and layers that went into last weeks treat:) and No Bake's were the first thing that came to mind. 

I love No Bake's and wondered why I didn't make them more often....and then I remembered my husband doesn't really like them that much and since he is the one who eats everything I make I tend to make the things he enjoys the most! But, because this wasn't just for him I went ahead and made them regardless......which turned out to be ironic because he actually forgot to take the tray of cookies with him today so he is going to have to eat them anyways:) haha....

 I have a very simple recipe ( follows). This is the one we used while growing up and there is no point in messing with a perfect recipe!

Melt the sugar, butter, cocoa and salt together

 Place the oats and peanut butter in a bowl

After boiling the chocolate mixture for 1 minute pour into the oats and then mix

This is what it will look like all mixed together and now you need to start working quickly:)

I doubled the recipe so if it looks like a lot it's because it is!

 I use parchment paper to lay my cookies out because I always run out of room on a cookie sheet

And there you have a perfect No Bake cookie....


Mary Elizabeth

No Bake Cookie Recipe

1/2 cup butter
dash of salt
1/4 cup cocoa
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk

Melt this together and then bring to a boil and let boil for exactly 1 minute. Pour into...

2 cups quick oats 
1 cup peanut butter

Stir together until well mixed and then drop by spoonfuls onto parchment paper or a baking sheet. Let cool and then enjoy.

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