Homemade Flaked (Rolled) Oats

Ok, I started writing about milling the flour and then realized that I still haven't taken a picture of the milled wheat. I have a bunch of pictures except of what it looks like after it's milled. Hopefully, I'll remember to get a picture tomorrow when I make bread again. So, I'll post about flaked oats instead. Okay, homemade flaked (rolled) oaks is so good. Once you have eaten you will never go back to store bought. Every article that I read about flaking your own oats mentioned this. Now, I can truly attest to this. I bought store bought this week because I haven't been able to go to go to my suppliers (she lives an hour and 1/2 away, we have been having vehicle trouble). I made hot oatmeal on Thursday and nobody would eat it (including Brian and I). It was gross. This is a little time consuming though, because I only have a hand crank. If I had it to do over again I would buy an electric flaker.

Put the oat groats in the top. Turn the handle and the rollers flatten the oats. Great job for the kids. All I have to do is tell the boys that it will make their muscles big and then they are all about it.

Above shows the three different settings on the flaker. It's hard to tell the difference in the pictures.

Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal is a favorite at our house. I add the cinnamon apples (post coming about that soon) that I dehydrate. It's really good. And better yet, it's really good for you. No chemicals/preservatives or words that you can't pronounce.


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