Too Cute ~ Mini Pop TartsVia

It is supposed to be spring but if you look out my window right now the snow we have falling and piling up would tell you winter is just beginning. What else to do on a cold winters spring day than get on the internet.
So, I  was looking around....blogs, pinterest, etsy, etc., and came across this picture. These are just the cutest little things! I have made homemade pop tarts before { thanks to Christine } and just loved them. These little mini's were just too cute not to share. They will be making a appearance in my kitchen soon! Here is the recipe.

Via ~


Mary Elizabeth


  1. I love those. Mini poptarts would be so much easier than the regular size. I'm going to have to make some. I haven't made those in awhile.

  2. I know! They are just too cute not to make...I need to try the strudels too. Ben would love those ones!!



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