The Heart of the Home is Finished!

(except for a few "little" details!)

Here is a little reminder of the "Before"
Yes, we had our work cut out for us!

 AND.......Here she is After!
Yes, I am in love :)

I promise it's the same house....walls removed, wood ceiling installed, new cabinets, appliances, windows flooring, lighting, plank back splash, paint....worth. it. all!

Another "Before"  shot looking from the small doorway that separated the dining and kitchen....the bi-fold doors lead into the laundry room...

 The left side of the kitchen is where the door for the master bedroom originally opened up to....we "rearranged" a little bit....

Here is the After of the left side of the kitchen...

Behind this wall....

is a "little nook" that we made into my desk area.....My Dad gave me this table a few years ago and Grant refinished it for me. It is the perfect addition to the kitchen area and it makes a great spot for my morning coffee, reading, emailing, grocery list making....and everything else!

One of the "little details" left to do is a free standing island...I was hesitant to commit to something with our cabinet builder until I was sure that it would not be too congested but, there is plenty of room! I have some plans for it and hopefully it won't be too long until I can share that with you, but for now I am enjoying every minute in my "cottage kitchen" just as it is. 

I loved designing, planning and making the choices for the renovation...and thankfully, my husband is an AMAZING guy who was able to make it all happen!  Would we do it again?....ask us in a few months. :)

I have LOTS more to share...it's just been a little busy getting settled and starting school, but I can't wait to show you my "barn door!"  Let me know what you think.

Off to fix dinner...



  1. It looks really good. I know you are so excited to finally have your own place.

  2. yes, yes I am....I spit shine it every night before I go to bed :)

  3. It is absolutely beautiful.....I love so many of the details.
    Thank you so much for inviting me over for a peek. :)

    I've pinned several of your pictures to my Kitchen boards on Pinterest.

  4. Hello- I love this! Can you tell me though - in your before pictures is looks like there may be duct work above some of the cupboards? If so, did you remove this or just have cabinets custom built to cover them? We have duct work in our kitchen and it is such wasted space (both functionally and visually).

  5. no, there was not any duct work to cover...previous owners had covered the upper part of the cabinets with some type of veneer board and then wallpapered and then the foreclosure company came in and just painted over that....it was a mess.



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