A Fall Home Tour

Fall home tours seem to be all the rage on the blogs these days. So, I am jumping on the band wagon and showing you some pictures of my home decorated for the fall season.

He finally made it into a picture. He was saying cheese too as he popped his head up.

I really like to use the Indian corn and pumpkins to decorate for fall. I do wish that we were able to get the more muted color pumpkins and gourds. The Indian corn brings back "fond" memories of my teenage years. There was a fall were my sisters and I husked Indian corn by the truck loads. A family friend had a farm and sold it to the grocery stores in the area. They would bring a pick up load late in the evening and want it husked and tied in bunches of three by the next evening. The worst was husking a wormy ear. It was worth it though. We made about $3500 in about three weeks.

Hope you enjoyed our "little" home tour.



  1. Your house looks so good! Everything in order:) I still have yet to buy a pumpkin...I did print off the Give Thanks banner last week, trying to decide where to hang it. I like the mini clothes pins!

  2. haha/....I just noticed Jax! I wondered how you got all those pictures without a face somewhere:)



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