Christmas in Indiana

Well, winter is in full swing here in northern Indiana. I say, if it's going to be cold it may as well snow and since the temp's are in the teens I am happy it's snowing! I love snow this time of year. It makes the Christmas season complete.  I have a few photos of my home with our Christmas decor done, at least I think it's done. I am always adding and taking and changing....it drives me crazy:)

table by front door

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas trees. I am always on the hunt for the perfect one and it has yet to be found. I always settle. This year has proven to be no different. I really like my tree this year though. It's just not what I was looking for...... We have decided from now on we will get the worse tree we can find rather than search for something that isn't there { maybe }.  :)

Christine sent this for Lyla last year
my tin ornaments are favorites
christmas chimes
white snowflakes in the tree

love burlap

The dining room center piece is very simple. Just some greenery, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and holly from my backyard....

This little lantern is my favorite thing this year. I found it at TJ Maxx while we were visiting my sister Rhiannon over Thanksgiving. 

My coffee cup for the winter season. I had to show you because it is sitting here next to me as I write and looked so cute:) 

I really like my mantle this year, again very simple but still looks great. I always struggle here because I can't put anything too high in the middle. My husband doesn't like to move around too much just to change the channel:)

I hand stamped this little garland for the mantel. I love it!! Did it on little birch chips I found at Michael's.

I took the pictures at different times of the day with different weather conditions....can you tell? :)   
Simple seems to be the theme for everyone this year, at least from what I have been reading online.
 I like simple.....:)   Merry Christmas!!!

Mary Elizabeth



  1. Love it. The tree looks good too. Way better than mine. I saw those wood chips but couldn't think of anyway to use them. I had all the kids, so it really wasn't the best time to ponder different ideas.

  2. I should do a tutorial on how I did it. Super easy! I got some bigger ones and am going to do a baby's first Christmas on those...I will post those and show how I did it...



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