Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is just not my thing. I always love receiving a beautifully wrapped gift, not to mention they look so much better under the tree! This year I wanted to make mine look pretty but still simple and in keeping with my style. I love the look of the brown paper packaging tied up with string. I just so happen to have a few holly bushes by the patio so that was the perfect thing to give the gifts a little color and keep it natural. 

Here is also another use of the birch rounds I used for the Merry Christmas garland. I just used one of my husbands drill bits to make the hole and then used the same twine I used for the gifts to give it something to hang by. 

I used a fine point sharpie to write out what I wanted. I tried to stamp it but the ink didn't take to these rounds as well and there just wasn't enough room to do it the same was I did the garland. 

I used simple brown tags that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and then used my snowflake stamp with brown ink that I already had. 

I love the holly. That is definitely my favorite part. 

I did all my gifts this way. I like them to all match. Is that weird?

I hope you are enjoying this exciting time leading up the Christmas day. I know I am trying to make time slow down  and enjoy every second.  My oldest little girl is having so much fun with everything which makes this time of year soo much better!!!

Mary Elizabeth


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