A Cozy Dinner

When it comes to January in northern Indiana winter is just getting started.....At times I think I will never see another warm sunny day again!!! This weather is perfect for making soup. Sometimes nothing is better on a cold winters evening than a hot bowl of soup! And this soup has made it onto my favorites list!

I owe the inspiration for this post to The Frugal Girl. She does a recipe post every wednesday and when I saw this recipe I decided to give it a try. Start to finish it only took about 30min. not including baking time for the potato's. My husband said it was the best potato soup I had ever made and quite honestly I agree with him! I ate the entire bowl!!! Paired with homemade fresh from the oven bread with a little bit of butter....It was the perfect winters night dinner. It was cozy!! You can find the recipe here and the homemade bread was from the cookbook A Passion for Baking......which I absolutely love! It has the best recipes in it. I must say for me the bread was icing on the cake....I love good bread!! And it was soo pretty!
Unfortunately I cant get the picture of the bread up......so sad because it was soo pretty!!
Let me know if you try the recipe, I know you will love it if you do! Have a great evening!

God Bless

Mary Elizabeth

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  1. So funny....I was going to make potato soup tonight. I will def try this recipe....



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