A Winter Centerpiece

( This one's for you Christine )

Up to this point I have always enjoyed my winter dining room centerpieces but never LOVED them! They were always your typical garland.....some sort of christmas-y thing, but never something that I wanted to keep up all winter long. Well, I have finally found a centerpiece that I LOVE! I had seen all over blogland things that people were doing with coffee filters, so i decided to give it a try.......and it came out perfect! I will tell you though, this is not a quick project.

I used 3 different sized styrofoam trees from Michaels. Starting from the bottom and working my way up I hot glued the filters to the tree.....

To do all 3 trees I think it took be about 4hrs total...like I said its not a quick project!!

Once I was finished with them they needed a little something so I made another trip to Michaels and found a light gold ( almost clear ) glittery spray paint and just gave them all a light coat. It is hard to see in the pictures but when the candles are lit the trees sparkle just a little.....BEAUTIFUL!!!

God Bless,

Mary Elizabeth

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