Well..I told you I was computer illiterate on my "About Me" page and so, you now know why it has taken me so long to post my first project for you.....Talk about a blank canvas to work with....that is exactly what I had when we moved into our home as you can see in this first picture...stay with me and I will show you the changes I made but...this post is strictly about the BED...King size and monstrous...so why did I decide to refinish it? See the finished project and I think you will see that it was worth all the heartache.....



The process was not so simple because originally I had envisioned an antiqued white finish....but once we got started it was so evident that it was not a good choice, so I resorted to my favorite distressed black look..and I love it. We cut the post off the bottom to open up the room and it has made a big difference....the only time we miss them is when my husband needs to hang his suite somewhere on Sunday for his afternoon nap...otherwise, it makes the room seem much larger. What a difference it has made, "cozy" is the word I like to use......


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