~Happy Birthday~

~Happy Birthday, Christine~
There are many reasons that I hate living away from family and days like today are one of them...Today is Christine's birthday and with all my heart I wish I could take her out to dinner or bake her a cake (although, she would probably rather have one of her own, baking isn't my best talent) but, alas I have to resort to technology. I love you, Chris.....you have always been there not only for me but for all of us kids...my husband always says in our family it is... God, Christine and so on and so forth...of course he is joking but not completely. :) Thank you for being strong and showing tough love to me when I needed it...you have saved me from heartache on more than one occasion.

You were here for me on this very special day in my life....doing everything you could to help me.....as well as every other important thing in life......

Get your tissues out friends...because I am teary eyed too...this is a picture of the last time we were together.....this picture was taken in NC while visiting our Dad....this was Christmas of 2008....the last time she was in the "lower 48" as they call us in Alaska was Christmas of 2009 and I couldn't go to Indiana where she was flying into because of my son being hospitalized...

So, you see why we started this blog? It helps us to have a sweet connection thousands of miles apart.....

I truly believe I have the best oldest sister in the world!

Happy Birthday with Much Love,


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  1. What a surprise. I wasn't expecting to see that post. I got teary eyed to and I was at work. Loved all the pictures, and thanks for posting some from my "skinny days" :). Those couple that we have from when we were little are my favorite.
    Thanks so much. I so wish we lived closer too. Someday, my prayer will be answered. :) Love you too.



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