Music for the Whole Family

I have started teaching Luke Bible verses. Mostly they are for his Sunday School class. But we have started working on others as well. And of course I want him listening to Christian music, but finding music that we can all enjoy in the car and around the house has been a little bit of a challenge. Then last week, I was looking at one of my favorite blogs and she had a post about Seeds Family Worship. I checked them out and really liked the couple of the videos that I found on youtube. My favorite thing about them is that the words are just Bible verses. This will help Luke learn more verses and we won't have to listen to Baby Eisten all the time. Another great thing about them is that when you order a cd they send you another one to give away to continue planting the seed.

Hope you enjoy them,

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  1. Wow I definitely need to look into that!! Thanks for posting about these!



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