My Recent Pottery Barn Inspiration

So I have been waiting the last few months to go back to this antique store near where I work. They were shut down over the winter due to the cost of heating the old building they are located in and it was killing me to wait until March 1! I had ideas running through my mind and I knew they would have exactly what I wanted!! And they did not disappoint!!

On one of my recent trips to Pottery Barn online I noticed in one of their living rooms there was a ladder in the corner....just leaning and being beautiful! It was used as a blanket rack and I really needed one of those! I have been looking for a ladder and even thought of building one but I really wanted that old antique look that you can only get with an old ladder. But, I didn't want to spend $200 on a ladder! And that wonderful little antique store had just what I wanted! AND it was located in the discount corner! For $10!! It couldn't get any better! After finding a few more treasures ( which I will be showing you soon ) I headed back to work, really wanting to just go straight home and find places for my new finds!

I had the perfect plan for this ladder....it was going to be my blanket rack..here in northern IN we use blankets almost all year round so I needed something that wasn't in the way and didn't require the blankets to be all over the couch's when they weren't in use.

I love the shape..

and I love how the blankets look on it

The best part about this find was that it only required a good scrub down...that's it because I wanted the old wood look to stay..I love how it finishes off ( what was an empty corner ) it looks perfect, I think! What do ya'll think?

Mary Elizabeth

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