I've said before that I am looking for a place of my own. Well that perfect place has yet to be found, but in the meantime I'm preparing all the perfect decorations for it. These are a few of my favorites. Most of them came from Pier 1 since that is just about the only place to get nice things in Anchorage. I can honestly say that almost everything that I have gotten so far has either been on sale or very inexpensive so I haven't been wasting money that I should have been saving.

I love over sized things so I was thrilled when I found these buttons.

Christine and I have become slightly obsessed with the new bird decorations that are out.

This pitcher I found at a thrift store for five dollars.

Have I mentioned before that I LOVE red??!

I think I have six vases like these. I may have gone a little overboard.

I have been searching for a set of dishes that I like, but was having trouble finding some that were similar to what I had envisioned. That is until last week at Pier 1. Big surprise right?
The large chocolate plates were on sale for $1.48 and all the others were 25% off!! It was too good to pass up.

Luke just could not understand why the table was set, but we weren't eating.
Also, did you see the mini bird salt and pepper shakers? Christine and I both have a set.

I am so excited about all of these. Now if I could just find the right place of my own to keep them. Hopefully it's in Anchorage so that I don't have to ship all this stuff out.


  1. I love that... It looks so good!!! Miss you tons

  2. I do love the plate setting! And I'm becoming obsessed with birds too!! =) Love the salt/pepper shakers!!



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