More Updates to the the Boys Room

I don't know why it takes me forever to get anything done. Maybe 3 kids, church, full time job, house work, grocery shopping, cooking, baking, laundry and oh, did I mention 3 kids with the oldest only 2 1/2. They may not be valid excuses but nevertheless those are my excuses.

So, all that aside, I have been working on the boys room FOREVER. Last week I finally got the curtains completed and painted a frame around  a couple of pictures that I got ages ago.

First lets talk about the curtains. It took me forever to find some fabric that I like, no surprise there. To my friends that sew please skip to the end of the post to see the frame I painted. I am ashamed (not really, because it was so much easier) to say that I used stichwitchery to make the curtains. I double the lining of the curtains, because I wanted it to be a little darker in their room. All in the hopes of the boys sleeping longer now that it's getting light outside. I'll let you know how that works out. To make it even easier on myself, I used the clip rings. I am very pleased with the out come. The boys love them too. They hide behind them. Mac loves to close and open them. Of course, I made sure that the curtain rod was screwed into the studs.

Now onto the frame. I got the idea from the last Pottery Barn Kids catalog. So I measured out the rectangle then painted the wide strip with chocolate chalkboard paint so it would match the chalkboards and then used the same dark blue color that I used to paint the bed. I love it because it's so different. Not something you would usually see in a bedroom.

I've had the pictures haning in their room since last fall. I bought them from one of the shops on Etsy.com. I tried to find the link but I can't remember who it was. The boys love looking at them.

I still have a couple more things that I want to do in their room. Finding the time to accomplish all the ideas I have floating in my head is the hardest part. I was able to get two small projects completed this weekend. I'll be posting those in the next day or two.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

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